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About YuonNuu


YuonNuu started in 2018 out of our personal urge to share with other young families our experiences raising happy kids. One of our family's basic principles and quest in life has always been: "How can we achieve happiness and how to live our lives by?"
That statement alone, generated a million other questions which subsequently lead to what we let to be surrounded with and eventually the stories and memories we create around situations and things as we continue to travel through life's stages.

This isn't just a shop,
it's the story of following a dream

Through the first 2 years, it was just local home business. Working late after work hours and weekends to refine designs, organize logistics and pack orders. Each new release received an enthusiastic response from the community and knowledge of the brand spread organically through word of mouth quickly. The dream of starting a full time business was no longer a dream.
As time went by and more and more of our cherry-picked products found new homes, we quickly realized that each product created a nice soothing warm story for its new owners.  
How often do we think back to those times when the unknown was far greater than the known; uncertainty and exploration were major players; Still, bringing back the memories, the positives and the happy feelings afloat because they were so strong that stuck with us for a lifetime. These stories we narrate over and over again. Our first stroller and the laser-perfect planning going out for the first time; or that first walker sock shoes that became part of our kid's imagined superhero uniform and wanted to wear them even at bedtime! What a joy remembering all these things now.

YuonNuu means nothing until you assign a meaning to

YuonNuu practically has no meaning in any known language (although later found out that Nuu means community in the Philippine and Samoan language to our pleasant surprise). It was chosen that way, as a carte blanche or a white canvas, so we assign a whole new meaning to it. Lead by the principle of positive living and creating life stories around us, YuonNuu was built from bottom up in what it is today: the Happiness brand. Hope you welcome it in your lives.

Welcome to our journey